Wednesday, November 30, 2011

*I will cry!*

You know what..Let me just rattle here today. Let me just type non-stop. Let me not to check my grammar or look for words. I just wanna type right from my heart. No topics. No statements and no view points. I just wanna talk.
So, ya, I'll tell you. I like people who are there for you when your tears drop. You know, there is this thing about people that I hate. I hate people who don't empathise on another person. You know I have written a very long post on empathy before and you know how much it irritates me to see that happen. The whole, "Oh, whatever..let her cry". I hate that.
So, i'll say this. I like people who shoulder my head when I sob. I like people who reach out and wipe my tears when I start to weep and I like people who just don't ask what's wrong or demand me to give an answer as to why I'm crying but just sit next to me and hold my hand when I cry. I like those people. Ya, I like those people. And yes, I am one of those people too.
So ya, call me a big cry baby, but a girl gotta weep at times. I have got to release it all out before building another bridge in my heart to hold the pain. So ya, I have to cry.
And so shall I when I want to.

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