Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sleep, where are you?

Great! Just great! Now, I can't go to sleep! Even my sleep is messed up now! I just need this don't I? I shut my laptop before the clock struck one and with full excitement closed my eyes awaiting a better tomorrow. And then I started with the turning and twisting around. I forced myself to go to sleep and I just couldn't. Even with my earphones plugged in!
I just can't go to sleep! I am seriously hating this stupid routine. I sleep so late and wake up so late. This is so not me. I need my mornings back and for that to happen, I need my sleep back. Oh, mighty beautiful fairies, where are you? Sprinkle some sleep dust on me please. I need to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. You cant sleep and I cant wake up! I can sleep and sleep and sleep the whole day and my mum had to come and knock my door really hard and give me a piece of scolding for me to wake up! Seriously im becoming sleeping beauty la!