Thursday, November 3, 2011

Appreciate more and judge less.

As I write this, I am cursing the fact that my room blacked out once again causing me to sleep in the not so comfy hall last night and now the entire water supply to block 8 has been terminated. I have an event to attend in less than 5 hours and I need the water! I found out yesterday that I have my examination briefing at 3 pm tomorrow which automatically cancelled my plan of going back home tomorrow morning. So, ya basically my life sucks right now. I know I said I had a good feeling of November but oh boy, how wrong I was. Well, problems arise so that you become tougher right? Erm..I'll apply that to this situation as well.
Anyway, I just read about Kim Kardashian's failed marriage and I couldn't help but go..."Saw that coming! ". I mean, where are the values of marriage nowadays? It seems to me that people get married for the fun of it and get divorced when they get tired of one another. Now, thats dating! That's why people date and couple up and all. Marriages are too sacred! Why is it that people fail to notice that?
I guess thats the old-fashioned me talking. Anyway, I would also say this. There always comes a time in our lives in which we eventually get tired of all the fights and tears and tough times. You know, like a ball and a wall. You bounce the ball and it comes back to you. You bounce harder and it comes back even faster. I don't know what the theory is called as in physics. But, ya you get the idea. But however much you throw the ball, there will be a day in which the ball tears or wears out. And then it just doesn't bounce back again. You see?
That's how human relationships are like. Be it friendship, the relationship between a mother and a daughter, or a father and a son, or just a parent and a child, or a boyfriend and a girlfriend, or among siblings, etc etc. Thats exactly the principle that applies. We fail to appreciate the presence of those close to us just merely because we tend to chase after what that is not ours. Get me? It's like this. You know the quotation? "Appreciate everyone around you because one day you may turn back and realise that you lost a diamond while busy collecting stones". Makes sense?
I guess being in the position that I am in now, I have rights to say this. There always comes a time that we eventually give up. In the ball and the wall theory, the ball just don't bounce back again. We as humans can take the hurt inflicted upon us by the one that we care about simply because we love and care for them. They hurt and hurt and you take and take. However, there will be one day when you suddenly wake up and realise that it's just not worth it anymore. Like the ball, we tear and we know deep down that we can never bounce back again.
And form the other end's perspective, I'd say this. Don't ever make the mistake of losing a diamond while collecting stones. You may have the most wonderful, beautiful people around you and you have to start appreciating them for simply being who they are. Don't throw them around like the ball. One day, they just won't bounce back and you would realise that you lost a diamond. Regrets never make things better. In fact, it worsens it.
So, I guess what I'm saying here is appreciate more and judge less. Be the kinda person you want to be around with. Give what you would expect to receive.
Anyway, I did not realise that I've made this an extremely long post! After a very long post, I'm off to go check whether the water is back. So ya, people, take care k. See you guys later!

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