Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can we really do nothing?

First of all, pardon me for my absence. I just was not in the mood to write. I know. I know. That is so not me right? But ya, it happens. The whole 'I-have-no-idea-wat-to-write-thingy' happened to me. Ironic isn't it? A few weeks back I told you I had so much to write about and can't seem to concentrate on anything else but write and now I feel shall I put it...lost? And its also true that I do get "lost" often, if you understand what I mean.
Anyway, it is as such that boredom has struck me and I find myself doing silly things in the process. I have nothing to do and it is slowly eating me up. I listen to songs, sing along with the lyrics, then get fed-up and throw my earphones away. I walk around the house, cooing and playing with my two kids then they get bored with me and silently curl in a corner and sleep. I attempted cooking and even that bored me. I wanted to bake but the whole process of getting the oven out and thinking of the mess that I would have to clear up later on made it seem a little less interesting. And yes, before you ask, I would love to go out and have fun but ya, I'm running a little..(fine a lot!) low on cash. So, try as I might, this whole hols has me wishing that time would fly quick enough and I'd return back to college. Back to the working life of a student. You know, the whole dealing with demanding lecturers, annoying assignments and batch mates with diverse personalities. At least that made my days not seem to be such a drag.
So, yes, I'm bored. My whole sleep pattern is affected. I sleep at about 5 or 6 in the morning and wake up at around 11.30 to 12. And i have no idea how to change it. Since when did holidays start to get on my nerves? Haiz.

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