Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's it with life?

Lesson of the day : Life changes in a split second and the after effects can either hurt like hell or comfort the way heaven is supposed to.
What's with life huh? The different phases that we go through, the varying characters that we meet, the diverse personalities that we bump into. What's it with life huh? I know it's a silly question to ask. But, I can't help it. I wanna walk up to heaven and reach GOD's throne and ask him why he created life the way it is. Why he created feelings in the very first place? The attachment/bond with another living soul is what I don't understand. Why bond people and then remove them from the face of earth? Why give life and then take it? Why?
You know I am the kinda person that appreciates life for what it is. I'm not the kinda person who complains and frets. So, if I am asking this today, you should know that I have a very good reason to. Honestly, I need to know. What's it with life huh?

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