Sunday, November 27, 2011

The echoes of my heart...

Can a broken heart heal? Is it fair for mended wings to spread and wish to conquer the skies? Walking through a deserted alley with my head hung low, and my soul beaten with frustration, filled with remorse and regret that I am not who I wanted to be. My silly notions of what life should be like has been mercilessly taken away from me. And to feel a tiny glow in my heart, a little flush in my cheeks and to know that those fluttering butterflies are finding its way back into my tummy makes me shun in embarrassment. I feel the locks of my heart tighten , reminding me of the hurt and pain that took months to heal. I know my guards are up and the windows of my heart is sealed. Can I ever find my way back? Will the secure walls I put up crumble as time does its duty? The scars that dig deep into my heart will always remind me of that life and love I once had. True, the tears are all gone and the memories are slowly fading away. But who I am now is far from who I ever was. Is it fair then for my heart to beat in hope, for my soul to flutter and for my eyes to dream? If only time is reversible...if only I can shut my eyes and wake up to the old me...if only things were different...will I be a happier me then?

Ps: Maybe I do regret taking that road...risking it all..and maybe I do regret falling in the very first place.

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