Monday, November 21, 2011

A detour into the lane of childhood!

It's really funny how things seem to be hitting me all of a sudden nowadays.It's like I have all this different sides of me that is brought out with different events. So, what happened today? Well, dad was extra helpful around the house and he started cleaning this little compartment that is somewhat a store place for old junks. And I, being a firm believer that you should not do silly things, which to me was silly that he wanted to clean up a store room. I mean, the whole idea of a store room is that it should be messy. So, I did not help him. Fine, I was not a docile, good daughter today! I know!
Anyway, half way through fb-ing, I heard mum screaming that I should come see what dad found. So, I went. And voila, it was my entire childhood! He found my entire childhood! How is that possible, you ask? Well, he found a bag full of teddy bears! The teddy bears that hold so much secrets of mine. They have watched me cry, watched me smile, and have been there for me throughout my childhood. Growing up, they were family to me. And meeting them back when I am 20 is more than a joy to me. I sat on the floor, hugged them tight and started talking to them. I remember them all. Each and every memory I had with them came flooding back. There were times in which I refused to go out with my parents if Kitty bear or Browny bear or Betty bear was forbidden to follow. They were a huge part of my childhood. And yes, I grew up, and eventually they were all put away. But, I still can't explain this whole crush I have on teddy bears. I love teddy bears so much! Every time my sister returns from Indonesia, she buys me a huge teddy bear. And I love her so much for that.
It's true isn't it? A girl always leans on something or someone. Growing up, it was my teddy bears and now it is Ruby and Dino. I don't know what it would be in the future. But ya, like I said life is short. So, make it sweet. Be a child when you feel like being one. I was a child today and I am so happy for that.

My most recent photograph with Mr Binkle and Mr Pinky. Both are gifts from my sister. By the way, they are both boys k! :)

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