Monday, September 5, 2016

Wiser, Stronger, Better

I return a year later, wiser, stronger and different. I sniff the snippets of words I left behind and I feel a pang of guilt. I shouldn't have moved on from writing. It kept me sane. It fueled my dream of becoming a novelist and it was a friend I had. So, I am here now. Trying to keep myself together as I drift along a familiar river of emotions, fighting of invisible currents and reminding myself that this is for the better. I am here for a reason. Someone close mentioned to me about this blog, how he read it even before knowing me. I blushed and tried to hide my shame. I was shameful of everything I wrote. Little did I know, I would be here today thanking myself for those posts. They remind me of what a damn good writer I am, of how I had the ability to string emotions with words and how I should be proud of that. I am working on all those though especially of carrying my head up. The tiara I once wore proudly is gone. Where do I look for it, I ask myself?
Point is, I am here. Wiser, stronger and better. And, I am here to stay. I will dust of the hanging webs, inject life to this blog in its death bed and I will find my tiara. 
Looking for my gleaming tiara,