Friday, November 4, 2011

Revathi..part 1!

I was randomly reading articles online when I stumbled upon an entry in this famous Indian God and Goddess website I often go to. It was on Revathi, the daughter of King Raivata and the wife of Balrama. I was happy. I mean, my name is Raevarthy after all. So, I read and read. I even googled and found even more information about her. It was fun. Then I went on a hunt to find out how my name came about. I know I was born under the Indian astrological sign Revati. So, I tried googling and got to know some characteristics of people born under this sign. How far does it compare to mine? Well, you have to tell me that!

1) Persons born under the Revati sign are believed to be the most religious and God fearing people among all the other nakshatras.
2) They are blessed with an athletic, well-proportioned physique and are large in stature.
3) Independent and often fiercely ambitious.
4) Sexy and brave
5) These people have complete control over their senses and are socially amicable, qualities that make them popular, since they are extremely easy to get along with.
6) Both ancient cultures and modern scientific research interest them a lot.
7) Short tempered and stubborn
8) They tend to overburden themselves with other people's problems
9) Revati born persons also suffer from stress, and their own fixed way of looking at a crisis certainly does not help them in this aspect.

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