Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stepping into the sanctuary of love!

Im at home! Lying down comfortably on my bed with Dino beside me. I hear and smell good food and can't wait to dig in with my family. I love the fact that we all have lunch and dinner together! Anyway, I promised myself that I would write more, laugh more, do more random things and just have more fun for this 2 months. I know my life on earth is very much limited. So, I'm going to make a difference where I can. I'm going to be all that I ever wanted to be. When GOD send his angels to collect my soul, I want to be able to leave happily with no regrets.
I made a little vow to myself that at the end of every blog post, I'd write some random fact about myself. Something about me that I like, or hate. I hope I keep up with my words! Wish me luck ya! :)

Random fact 1:
I have to listen to songs to sleep. If I don't, I just can't sleep. It goes to the extent that I can stay awake the whole night if I don't have my earphones with me. I sleep with earphones in my ears, listening to slow, romantic songs! :)

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