Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boys, this one is for you!!! :)

It is about 11 on a Monday and we all need some good cheering up on Mondays don't we? I was reading random articles online when I stumbled upon this one. It made me smile, and I hope it does to you too. By the way, guys, you might wanna get a paper and a pen! You would need it, trust me!

How to be a gentleman
Women want that knight in shining armor to do those things for her and unfortunately the gentleman in this world are slowly dying. Being a gentleman makes a woman feel special and lets her know that you "get it" as well as letting her embrace her femineity and yes you can overdo being a gentleman.

Some gentleman like things include:
Opening the door for women
Putting on her coat when you are leaving
Taking off her coat when you are arriving
Help with her seat
Opening the car door
Giving her your seat when there are no
Give her your arm
Fulfilling her needs
Holding her hair back when she is being sick
Covering her ears when someone is being sick
Don't wear your hat inside

I do not know any woman who does not want to feel special and does not want to be first priority in a man's life. Men confuse this with women thinking they are going to be a wuss and this is not the case at all. As a man you need your masculinity and to play that role though you also need to be in touch with your femineity side.

A lot of the gentleman like "things" I wrote are common sense and also you have been taught most of your life. Women will often stop at doors and wait for you to open them or walk to the door of a restraint and stop and look at you and if you pause and show a sign of not knowing what to do then you fail the "test."

A lot of women read romance novels and desire and want a man like in that novel so badly that they often think that they don't exist. But when you are a gentleman it reminds her who she is dealing with and the real man you are.

Each woman is unique and has different values, some women like touch, some like words and some like gifts. When you find out what a woman values in her life you can find out the reason why she does the things she does. This would be quite handy wouldn't it men?

So how do you find out what a woman values, it's simple you ask the question of what is the most important thing to you in relationships or what is the more important thing to you in health. You will find what she values in a relationship and what she values in health and you can meet her needs and open up a new world to her without even asking what she wants.

So be a gentleman to a woman and do it even if the woman is your friend. You are a man not a boy my friend.


  1. looosseee! Started d huh with this stuff! :)

  2. hahhahahha! bagya bagya! its a really good article la wei! besides, guys nowadays tend to overlook stuffs like this! i mean, we need our prince too! hahhaha..but ya, its a nice article! :)