Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do I look old?

It is 20.11.2011. Cute date nah? I don't understand the fuss that some people make out of dates. I mean, next year would be 20.12.2012. Its still the same right? Haiz. Call me scientific in that matter but I don't really get the whole "its a special day" thingy. For me, days are special if you make it so. You don't need one freaking day to be called special. Except birthdays that is. You know how special birthdays are to me. :) Anyway, it is a cute date!
So, how did my 20112011 start? Well, I woke up at about 11.20 am and had nothing much to do. I mean, I do have "things" to do, but in the "do i like to do it" part, ya, nothing much to do. And then comes the big question. Do I miss college? I'd be lieing if I said I did not. I know. I know. It has only been 2 days since I'm back. But ya, I do miss college. I guess it's a different life there and here and a different me. But, its still life. And ya, life sucks but who cares? :)
And yes, the whole reason of me being here is that, I have a question to ask. Do I really look old? I mean, I know I am old. 20 and all. But do I look really old? People keep asking me how old I am and give me the whole "I can't believe you are only 20 face!" Someone told me today that I look 23. Well, i know its only a 3 year gap to my actual age but ya, its still 3 years! So, tell me. Do I look old? I remember asking my friends and they said its due to the way I act all matured and the way I mother people. But, if you have been an avid reader of this blog, you would know how childish I can get. So, ya, I don't consider myself as being matured. Hence, my big question to you darling readers, Do I look old? Give me an honest answer please! :)

Random Fact 4:
I turn into a child when I am around children. By the way, you can see the childish part of me when I'm in the fun fair or the "pasar malam". I will be worse than a child! Jumping around excitedly, not bothering about what the world thinks. I love fun fairs and "pasar malam"s! Who doesn't?

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