Monday, November 7, 2011

I love you. Come back.

I love you. You are not supposed to die. You are supposed to walk me down the aisle. I just love you so much. Who am I going to poke in Facebook after this? Why did you let me win the poke war we had? You owe me a huge teddy bear. You owe me a trip to the funfair. I love you. Why did you do this to me? You are supposed to be the godfather for all my kids. You are supposed to be the one that broke the nose of whoever that broke my heart. You are supposed to be there for me forever. If I go bang my car after this, who am I supposed to call? I just love you so much. I keep on hoping that this is a dream and someone will wake me up. I sat all night looking at your photo and I know you are there. I can feel you around. Your voice is still ringing in my head. I freaking love you! How could you leave me like this and go? Come back please? I have no shoulder to lean on. Who is going to call me "girl" after this? Who is going to be my midnight call? Who am I suppose to fight with after this? You are everywhere I turn Adrian. Don't leave me. I can't go on. I just can't. I remember your hugs and no one has treated me the way you have. You are my brother. You are the world's nicest guy. How could this happen to you? You are all that I wish for right now. I wan't you back. I can't go on. Adrian, I love you. I know I fight with you and bug your life and irritate you with my childish ways. I know so many people miss you and you were a good friend to all of them. But, I can't say rest in peace because I can't see the world without you. You taught me how to use the stupid GPRS. I want to sit next to you in the car again. I want to fight with you to switch on the radio. Why Adrian? Why you? I love you. I keep replaying all the times we spent together and it's not enough. You were supposed to watch me graduate, watch me get married, watch me have kids and I was supposed to do the same. Why did you go so soon? What am I suppose to do now? I love you. Wake up and come back. Adrian, I need you back. I need my brother back. I can't go on. I can't stop crying. I just love you so much!

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