Friday, November 18, 2011

Empathy and Fakeness.

It is officially day 1 of my semester break. I had a really good sleep after a long while. You wouldn't believe me if I said I went for exams without any sleep. This happened 2 days on a row. I tried forcing myself to sleep, and I failed. At the end of the day, I had no choice but to stay up all night reading my notes. I was so wide awake that even in the morning, when everyone complained of how sleepy they were, I was joking around. But, i know i needed that long sleep I had last night. It refreshed me in a way I can't explain.
Anyway, the whole point I am here is because I have to speak to you on an issue that has been bugging me for a few days now. People. Alright before I go any further, let me make it clear that I know I am not perfect and I should not judge another person. However, sometimes certain people make me question all that I believe in. I don't understand how some people do not know the word "empathy". And even if they do, they don't live it. Is empathy something that we teachers should instill as a value in children during formal hours in class? I mean, is that why some adults don't empathise? Because they do not know how to?
Empathy basically means putting yourself in another person's shoes. Looking at life from the view of another person. This especially holds true during tough times. All of us go through tough issues at one point or another in our life. And, you know the saying that you only know who your true friends are when you are going through a dark period? I need to salute whoever who came up with that saying. Because it is true!
Many of you know what I went through and still am going through recently. It is a thing I don't want to talk about because it hurts to speak of it. But, the thing i wish to highlight here is how many people are using the issue to gain popularity. Fine. I get the whole point of telling the world how you feel and all. But, it irks me that people can walk around using that one issue as a means of gaining entry into another. I know I am confusing you here. But, I don't wish to go any further.
All I am saying is that, if you care. You do. There is no need for fake tears to clear your name. And there is no need for fake extend of sympathy if you do not feel so. Life is like a roller coaster. You would be on top at one point of life and then you would find yourself at the bottom. So, don't bother trying to be someone you are not.
And with that, I would also like to say this. Empathy is a big word. To those that understand and live in it, kudos! To those that can't connect to another human, emotionally, no matter how much you try, kudos too! Because that means you are not fake. It is better to be yourself than try to be someone you are not.

Random fact 2:
I hate people who are fake. And the best part of all, I'm pretty good at detecting the level of fake-ness a person has the moment I meet them.

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