Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's hard. Really hard.

Never once had I ever thought all that happened would happen. It's hard to go on, laugh and pretend like nothing happened. Life has changed dramatically. And it changed in a split second. It's hard. Really hard. These days that slowly crawl by are days i never ever thought I would live in. As tears are slowly replaced by smiling memories, I realise life is too short. Life is not knowing what would happen next. Life is all about sitting, chatting away happily then knowing you will never see that person ever again. It's hard. This hole, this emptiness in my heart, a place you resided in, will never close. You will never be replaced and I'd like it to be that way. I might meet millions of people in life but I'll never meet a person like you. And knowing that I never told you how much I love you, hurts. It stabs. True enough, you never know what you had, till it's taken away from you. I never knew how much you mean to me, till I lost you. And I lost you forever. But I promise you. I won't forget the very last advice you gave me. The one advice that I went against. I'm sorry for that. I'm really sorry. But, now, you are my guardian angel. And I know you are guarding me. Along with the rest, that loved you and whom you loved. Under your wings, I'll survive. I'll keep you forever in my heart.

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