Friday, November 4, 2011

When I can't stop writing!

I should not be here. I should be having my head buried in the pages of my L&L book. But, I can't help it! All I wanna do is blog! Ironic isn't it? I woke up in the morning, crossed my legs and sat on my bed and started writing in my head. It's really funny. Every single thing I do, I am imagining that I'm writing it down. Like I'm being struck with a lightning of words. I feel I have to write everything down! It's amazing to feel this way, really. To feel like I'd never run out of words. Reminds me of what Ashwini, my roommate told me a few days back. I saw her editing some pictures and she was doing a real good job with it. I was awe-struck! I mean, it looked so complicated! All the different settings, colour tones, brightness and bla bla. I asked her how on earth she is so patient and good with it. She said that she loved doing it. She told me, editing pictures is to her what writing is to me. A passion. And, it's true. I mean, I love to write. From blogs, to diaries, to letters, to e-mails...I just love to write! I mean, to me, I feel that you can always judge a person by his or her writings. By the way they convey emotions through their writings. But then again, I also know that sometimes people lie through what they write. Simply due to the fact that it is erasable.
So, ya, maybe the person you see right there, in front of you, is the character you should trust and hold to be true. Maybe the one that no one else sees, the one that only you know exist, the one in Facebook is the character you should let go. Maybe a person cannot be divided into 2 personalities after all. And maybe I was wrong to think it can be.
Wokay. I can see that I have drifted off some where else. Sorry for that. Anyway, I have to go now. To go bury myself back in theories and facts that I'd probably forget the moment I hand in my exam sheet anyway. So ya, if you do see me online in Facebook, please chase me away. I need to get rid of my temptation to stay in this stupid virtual world. Take care people. Love you'll to bits!

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