Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 20th darl!

Have you ever looked at a friend and thought, "How did I end up having a friend like her?". I do it 99% of the time i'm in college. You know how people tell you college is scary and all? Well, it is. And sometimes, it is beyond scary. But then again, if you are lucky enough, someone would walk into your life and stay right beside you through all the scariness and through all the intricacies that follow the life of a college student. So, the million dollar question is, how do one find a friend as such? Well, you don't. There is only one such person on earth and well, she is taken! By me!
Here is a little teet-a-teet on her!
She is a person that wakes up in the morning with a very very blur face and always, trust me, always with a frown. She doesn't talk much, doesn't greet you and practically makes you feel like an intruder in the mornings! And then, in goes some breakfast and she starts yapping. Yapping and yapping non-stop for the whole day! But I like it!
Her most special trait would be the way she stands up to her rights and what she believes in. She never lets anyone take her for granted and that's an admirable quality for a girl.
She loves to act like a child. With the cute little faces and voices that she makes, it's impossible to say no to her.
So, why is she so special?
Well, she is extremely special to me because she has been the kinda friend you see in movies and read about in novels. The one that everyone needs. She has been there for me more than once and she knows me more than anyone else. I still do not know why she does the things she does for me. All I can say is that I'm so blessed to have her in my life.
So, my dear Bagyashree Superamani, Happy 20th birthday! I love you so much and I'm really sorry that I can't see you today. I know I was supposed to come and give you a big hug today. But ya, life sucks at times. Sorry?
Here's a big virtual hug and kiss from me to you!

These simple words are heartfelt
from the start right to the end
to show how much it truly means
to have you for a friend
if ever I need anything
you're someone I can call
kindness, warmth and honestly
it's true you have it all

You are a special friend
the kind that I will try to be
you're someone that I treasure
who means all the world to me

And may this happy birthday
be your very best by far
one that celebrates
how truly wonderful you are

Love you darl! Wish you loads of love for the upcoming years!

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