Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can a girl and a guy be "just best friends"? :)

I still remember my last post on gender inequality. It was not exactly gender inequality but something to do with it. I wrote on gentlemen and their ways. I received lots of comments on that particular post. Although most of my girl's were happy with that post, some men disagreed. And I did say that I'd write a sequel to it. But ya, as you know, life got on its way and yadaa yadaa yadaa...stuffs happened and I couldn't bring myself to write on that. In fact, I still can't. So, keeping that in mind for the distant future, let me talk to you today about another famous gender issue.
My mum and I were randomly talking when I asked her, "Mum, do you think a girl and a guy can be just close friends and not fall for one another?". At first she stared at me, then laughed and then said, "No. Somehow someone will have feelings for the other person". And it got me thinking. Why is it that a girl and a guy can never be "just best friends"? I mean, I have seen it happen in movies, novels and erm...ya, in real life too. They will be close friends, too close in fact...have that unbreakable bond and suddenly out of the blue one will fall for the other. So ya, I'm asking this today. Why is it that the male and female can never be just best friends?
Okay. If my assumption is right, half of you readers would probably be disagreeing right about now. But, let me tell you this. I have never..NEVER seen a guy and a girl be just best friends. And even if they are, the girl would treat the guy as her brother and he, in return would treat her as a sister. In fact, they will be quick to announce to the world that they are "brothers and sisters". Why do they do that? Seriously. Why? Why don't you just say..."You know what, we are best friends!" Now now now. I'm talking about real best friends here. The kinda best friend relationship in which one knows ALL and EVERYTHING about the other person. Is it possible to be just best friends and not fall for one another? Tell me!
If you asked me, I'd say yes. It is possible to be "just best friends". It is possible to be close to a guy and not fall for that person. And it is possible, even if both of you are single. Fine, I may have never had a "best friend" who happens to be a guy and hence, should shut up. But ya, I am a person who finds it difficult to open up to someone if I'm not close to them. And I'm not exactly the one who hangs out with guys, so I'm an exception. But ya. If I happen to get close to a guy, with no feelings attached...and somehow he ends up being my best friend, I'll show you people that a girl and a guy can be "just best friends"! It is possible people! A girl and a guy can be "just best friends"!

Ps: This is what happens when you watch too many romantic movies!


  1. i have two best guy frens n dey are still BEST GUY FRENS 4 me :) not more or less :)

  2. My dear sister, if u want a living proof of a guy n a girl being best friends n still not fall for each other, u shud see me n my best fren. N we hv never said to anyone we r brother n sister. We r just super best buddies...