Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome to the family, Lady! :)

Good afternoon world! It is currently 2.47 p.m. I have my dear daughter Ruby sitting next to me looking at my laptop screen attentively. I guess she really likes seeing the stuffs people post on Facebook. Dino, my boy is fast asleep in the room. Well, what can I say? He loves to sleep! Anyway, I was bored and decided to tap a know...keep my blog alive so that it doesn't get forgotten in the long run. So, voila! Here I am!
Today, let me rant about Lady! Oookay...I hear you. You have no idea who Lady is right? Well, a couple of days ago, I had a huge, huge crush on roses. I have no idea how on earth it happened and soon I had my head wrapped around the idea of owning a rose plant. Now, let me warn you. I never liked gardening before despite my mutual respect and love for the environment and everything green. Nevertheless, mum and dad loves looking after their plants, and when I said I wanted a rose plant, they were fine with it. And soon started my journey to find the perfect rose plant.
It wasn't easy. I made my dad and mum follow me into so many different shops before I settled on a rose plant. The reason was simple. I had to feel connected with the plant. I wanted to hear it speak to me. Oh yes, before you ask, my mum said that I was crazy and dad just laughed at the way I described how a plant should be like. Anyway, I soon found my perfect rose plant!
So, there you have it. She is Lady. I named her because...well, everything and everyone should have a name! Or so I believe. Oh ya, Lady was kind enough to bear me a flower the very next day. And guess what, it is orange! Yes, I have a rose plant that bears orange flowers! Yihaa! Can you hear that? I'm happy!

Welcome to the family, Lady! We all love you!

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