Monday, December 5, 2011

-Faith unanswered-

When you yell into the darkness and feel nothing but silence,
How do you tell yourself that it's ok to be not heard?
When you look into the mirror and see a fragile self,
How do you tell yourself that you are strong enough to ward it all off?
When you feel this unexplainable burden and a sinking heart,
How do you tell yourself to shrug it off and move on?
When you feel this chain on your sanity,
How do you sing to the daily tune of life?
When you collapse into a "alone" world where perfectness reigns,
How do you step back into reality?
When you feel so wrong to feel so right,
How do you put on a mask and cover your wounds?
When you feel your faith shaking and no where to turn,
Is it fair to not believe He is there?

~Raevarthy, 5th December 2011~

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