Friday, December 16, 2011

Your life, your rules.

Maybe that's how life works. Before you realise it, everything you knew and loved has been cruelly taken away from you. The life you lived in, the people you knew, the emotions you felt...Maybe that's how life works after all. How much do we mature with every experiences in life depends on how much we allow ourselves to hurt and bear the pain that follows. Changes are not good. Changes hurt. Changes make you weep. Changes rip away all that you know off. But changes make you a tiny bit stronger. And that is what we all need to hold on to. The fact that there is still another tomorrow shows that life doesn't wait for anyone. It doesn't stop to feel your pain or to grieve with you. No one will understand you. No one will feel the exact same pain that you feel. So, its up to you to pick yourself up, shrug off the pain, wipe away the tears, take a deep breath and put a foot forward. You are unanswerable to anyone but yourself. And that is how life works. Your life, your rules.

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