Friday, August 24, 2012

You are just a girl and you can't do much.

Have you heard the age old saying, "She is just a girl"? Familiar? That one phrase that we say, not due to the fact that we are indeed a sexist, but because somehow deep down our minds, in a very subconscious way, we indeed find women inferior to men. I am born in a society that upholds women and at the same time puts it down. I don't blame my society for their backward thoughts but I blame us, the new generation for not doing much to change that perception. I was never a racist nor a sexist nor will I be one. But I am a person that puts her thoughts out there, unafraid of its consequences. 
We are all educated and yet we are not doing much to change how the world works in general. I believe that girls can do anything if we set our minds to it. We lead in so many forces and fields. We do what that a few centuries ago would have been frowned upon. Should we not be proud of ourselves girls?
But then again, why is there a certain group of us who still believe that we are inferior to our opposite sex. We would rather stay in an abusive relationship than walk. I do not know how many times I have said this. Relationships are supposed to keep us happy. And that happiness is not one that is embedded in slaps, punches or verbal slurs. Why is it that we fail to see that we can stand alone? I am not saying that we are not dependent to men. We are. The same way that men are dependent to us. I am merely stressing the fact that we as much as anyone deserve our love and affection. 
And if you look at it from another point of view, how many of us girls are allowed to chase our dreams, to mark our own presence in a world that is dominated by male chauvinism and ego? We are rarely appreciated for our intellectual thoughts. We are rarely seen as more than a little curve here and there covered in clothes. I have met several people myself that undress me with their eyes. My thoughts are not valued, and certainly my opinions do not count as much. Familiar? Yes, it still happens.
In this modernised world, we are allowed to step foot, to gain experience, to learn, to live, to survive along with men in all fields. However, to survive in that world, we need to have a heart that is too tough and a soul that never gives up. And that courage, sadly to say is not one that many have.
Like I said, I am not a sexist, never was one and never will be one. I am merely a 21 year old girl trying to stay sane in a society that can't seem to value me more than what that meets the eye. The phrase as I always hear, "You are just a girl and you can't do much". 
And my response has always been the same, "Watch me". 

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