Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little trust always goes a long way.

Never lie to those who trust us and never trust those who lie to us. Lies and deception. That is the topic of the day.
Why do we lie again? Because we would just love to see people happy than sad? Well, think again. I know that there is this whole twisted concept that there are times in life that you have to lie, especially if it involves the feelings of a person. You do know that, that is crap don't you? If there is one place and one thing in life you can never lie, manipulate or play with, then that is the feelings of a person, especially someone who has trusted you so much. 
It is really ironical how trust and lies are intertwined. We, in general lie to people who trust us, and why is that, I have no freaking idea. When a person trusts us so much, it is only fair that we give them the truth, nothing but the truth. No matter how hard it is to digest an ugly truth, trust me, a person that really cares and trusts you would rather hear that then any sort of comfy beautifully dressed lie. 
Remember this. A relationship, of any sort, that is build on lies, will never survive. After all, it takes only a second for the truth to be out and that truth would hurt more than anything especially if it was previously sugar coated in lies.
If you knew me on a personal level, you would know how much I like hearing to anything that you tell me. Yes, I consider myself to be a pretty good listener. But nothing can hurt me more than knowing that I am actually listening to a lie, especially when it is from someone that I care about and have trusted a lot. Maybe that is why I don't trust easily. But then again, maybe there is no one in this world that won't take my trust for granted. Hence, the real question here is, how do I trust when I am lied to? 


  1. ohh yesss! I hate lies too! and i think we have seen enough lies in our campus friends itself! :) The best part, when we have already know the truth yet that person still creates a big fat lie! Haizzz. :(

    1. Yeap. I had that in mind when I wrote this piece. Well, there is a time and place that that web of lies will eventually break, revealing the truth. We shall just wait and see. :)