Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adrenaline rush!

Adrenaline rush. That is how I would describe my emotions right now. I am currently sitting in the midst of papers all over the place, colourful highlighters on my pillow and a bottle of water nearby. But none of this seem to be able to take away this adrenaline rush that I am feeling right here in my heart and soul. No worries, I am not in love. I have just had another cup of coffee and that adds to the 2 I had today. Yeap, 3 cups of coffee in less than 20 hours and I am undeniably high. I have no idea how to brush off this feelings so I am here tapping on my laptop. I need to calm my nerves, that I am sure of. Next to being worried and scared of the test tomorrow, this rush of emotions is not one that I need right now.
I can literally feel my heart pumping so fast and I can definitely hear my own heart beat. Yeap, it is that bad! I kinda sorta like this though, it is a whole new place that I am in. I know that I am a recovering coffee addict and taking 3 cups a day is going to be a habit that is not easy to be left behind. I have been there and I came out the very hard way but hey, if you are as stressed as I am, trust me, you would think of being high too. And the best part of all is that I get high on coffee. The rich, dark, seductive taste of coffee. Yes, I would not trade this addiction for anything in the world!

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