Saturday, August 4, 2012

It is time to live, to truly live! :)

Good afternoon people of the virtual world! On this beautiful Sunday, while I sit here and struggle with my EDU assignment, let me tell you something that you should know. Life is just too damn short! Yeap, talking about death again, but this time, to make you people realise how beautiful life could be. I had a friend confess to me recently that suicide was an option for her when things started turning rough in her life. After a earful of bombards I started thinking and I thought really, I couldn't blame her for having such thoughts. She was human after all and we humans would rather run then stay and fight right? God knows that I have been through worse than that and yet I am here pretty much alive with a rocking attitude. The reason is simple. I do not take life seriously. I think that it is good enough that I am alive today, breathing in love, comfort and care that if let's say I were to go tomorrow, I would gladly do so. True, got tons of things left to do. Buckets of ambitions and wishes and dreams that I would love to conquer. Amazing places that I would like to visit and random things that I would like to do. And not forgetting the beautiful feelings I would love to have. But hey, honestly, this whole life that we are in is just so so short. I can still remember being 5 and making a promise to my then best friend that we would stay together no matter what happened and no matter how much we grew up. Well, where is she now? I have no freaking idea. So, the conclusion is, don't make promises. Don't get tied up in the intricacies of everyday living that you forget to live itself. Do things your way and never ever compromise on yourself. Remember, you as much as anyone else out there deserve your own love and affection. So hug yourself tight and take baby steps to move away from worries and sorrows. It is time to live people, to truly live!

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