Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 3 C's- Chaos, Children, Cuteness-overloaded!

Yihaa people! Wassup? How has the last 3 days of your life been like? Well, it is exactly 3 days since I last wrote and life has changed for me. In a very very non-dramatic kinda manner. I mean, at least I have new visions of the teaching world.
Yeap, my whole journey in this school has left me a little breathless. I mean, it is not like I have this sudden major philosophical belief nor am I overwhelmed in total. I just went through what I would call a "personal" alteration to the attitude.
One of the main things that I have learnt is to never let myself go. To never let anything ever change how cheery I am in the mornings. The first thing I realised was how moody the teachers were. Don't get me wrong. They were nice. They just weren't very nice early in the mornings, especially on Monday morning in which we were ignored and looked at as as though we were terrorists wanting to take over the school. Dramatic much? Oh trust me darls, that is what that happened! So yes, a personal oath has been made. I promise myself to never forget to smile to the students and other teachers in the mornings no matter how sleepy I feel. I am so not letting the morning cheeriness go! That is a part of me!
And talking about being nice and all, I realised that I still haven't got the "strictness" button in me yet. I just couldn't scream or shout at those tiny ones, no matter how much they got out of hand. I just couldn't. I seriously gotta find a way to get that embedded in me. A fellow close friend was telling me yesterday how she shouted at a few students because they were talking in the exam hall. I was so shocked! I mean, I never in a million years would have imagined her to be strict but she did what she was supposed to do and I am proud of her. But then again, me? Well, I never believed in teaching people while they feared you. That is just wrong. So, I still can't seem to get it in me that it is okay to scold your students at times. Yeap, gotta work on that.
I learnt a lot, that I am sure of. But, there is just so much that I can share and some parts of it will remain in me forever. You all know how I don't shut up once I start talking kan? Duwanna bore you in this beautiful Wednesday night! So, have a good night folks while I start on my next piece. Love you people a lot!

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