Monday, August 6, 2012

-Let me just rant-

Okay. I am very angry. I am very stressful. I am trying to keep myself sane here. I am honestly not loving myself right now. Okay, that was too big of a word kan? I always love myself! Okay, maybe I still do. It's just that I feel so tensed and that is causing my heart to beat so much faster than usual. I feel my temper rising to a boiling point in which im pretty sure if the one responsible for me being like this was right here, they would have gotten a very intense dump outta the window. And ya, before you ask, no, im not pms-ing! I am just stressing! So, allow me to rant, vent and stress!
I am not proud of myself right now, that I am sure of! Seriously, maybe I should after all join a yoga class kan? Okay, I am adding that to my list of things to do!
Alright, so now, how the hell do I calm the nerves? Nope, no freaking idea! Shit, now I feel like crying! Damn la! Damn! I so know that I am gonna regret this post the first thing in the morning, but hey, right now, I know that I have gotta write to get it outta me! So, bare with me folks, if you have made it this far la.
So, ya, you know what's the thing with me? I can never say no. So end up, I will be the one suffering! Great kan? So me! Since young till now!
Okay, hang on, scratch that, maybe I should not say that. Not since young.
It's since I grew up! Since I decided to be the nice one that never lost her temper like how she did when she was a teen! Ya, since then!
So, where is the freaking time machine again? Gotta seriously climb on it and revert to the old me!!!!!!

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