Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stop! You are hurting me! Bullying and all that! :)

Hello people of my virtual world. A huge hug from me to you. That hug is for those who feel that the world is picking on them and those that you know, just feel a little low and down today. Hopefully it cheers you up and reminds you that I am always here for you people. Anything at all. Besides, I love listening when someone talks, you can take me up on that, anytime of the day.
Today was a relatively good day. I know my emotions are a bit not stable right now due to all these thoughts pinned in my head, but I am trying to shake it off and concentrate on my assignments. God knows I am still so far behind and need to catch up with my fellow friends who have been submitting drafts ever since we returned to college. So yes, I am here to distress before returning back to my work.
An issue that is very personal to me is the issue of bullying. A very very long time ago,somewhere in my early teenage years, I was bullied. Along with many other things that has happened in my life, this issue remains buried deep down my soul. I have still not found the courage to talk about my story without tearing up. But, I know that the day will come in which I finally say it out with no tears and no regrets. After all, that is my life motto right? No regrets.
And speaking of bullying too, I just want to say this. If at all you are being bullied, in any form, sexual, verbal, physical, emotional and etc, it is not okay to keep quiet. Whatever that is happening, is not your fault. It will stop if you find the courage to speak out. There are people out there willing to help you out. If you can't speak to your parents, then speak to your teacher and if you cant speak to them, to any adult that you deem responsible enough. There is always an end to any problems, trust me.
Well my beautiful virtual friends, I think that is good enough of a quick post before returning to the real world, isn't it? Life is good, for now at least. Take care people! Love you lots! :)

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