Saturday, August 11, 2012

Detoxing and all that. :)

And hence the detox period has started baby! Yeap, I was so high last week that I said and did stuffs that was so not me. Trust me, my mangsa's would tell you amazing, eye-ball wrenching out stories of that. But hey, life is just so freaking short right? So, nope, no regrets. Anyway, talking about being high, just so that none of my relatives or dad's friends or mum's people see this and automatically assume that I was high on alcohol or drugs, lemme clear the air. I was high on COFFEE! Yeap, I don't know why but I get high on coffee! I feel this adrenaline rush, heart starts pumping really fast, a tiny swing of light-headedness...the whole package. I was stressed out last week that I depended on pain meds and coffee to keep me sane. Nope, I am not proud of what I did and I humbly take ownership of any damages done throughout that period of being insane, not that I can think of any right now, but ya.
Anyway, it is the next phase of S.B.E on Monday. I am stepping into SK Simpang Lima 1 and I have no idea what to expect. I have been to schools and each experience has left me with a little bit more passion towards the entire teaching profession so I am definitely looking forward to meeting and chatting with the little ones. But knowing myself really well, I know that going with no expectation whatsoever is the best. So nope, I am just gonna keep my mind clear and walk in with all the confidence in the world even if I have a million butterflies mating in my tummy on Monday morning.
And speaking about butterflies, I have a very important issue to be brought up which will be discussed in the next post. You know what butterflies are significant for don't you? Yeap, the big L word. So, wait for it k? And with that, lotsa love, hugs and kisses from me. Happy SBE folks!

Ps: I definitely miss this carefree way of writing. Gotta seriously keep this spark!

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