Friday, August 17, 2012

People walk in and walk out. That is life.

There is a reason why people walk into your lives and a reason why they leave. This is a concept that I hold on to. I don't know why but recently, with things happening around me and the situations that I find myself in, I have come to believe in this statement. Truthfully and whole-heartedly.
Let's analyse it one at a time shall we? Why is it that someone that you did not know a few months ago suddenly becomes the person you run to? Someone to count on? Or so you believe? If you really look at it closely, there is no answer to that except for the fact that it is meant to be so. Am I confusing you? It is indeed a complex theory that I am fascinated with. A year ago someone who I thought would keep me very happy and was the centre of my universe now means a little to nothing to me. Was it due to situations that I had my thoughts changed? Or was it how I changed that my mind and heart did too?
I can never explain why there is such a complexity in our human relationships. But, this much I know. Everyone you meet, is meant to teach you something. Something you already know, or something new. We have to be humble enough to be able to see and learn from their thoughts, actions and words. Sometimes, the best lessons are the most painful ones or the most subtle ones. So, if someone new walks into your life, welcome them with open arms and if someone old leaves, let them go, with an open heart.

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