Saturday, August 11, 2012

Looking for Love?

Why do people fall in love? "To be happy". Alright good, there's an answer. "Coz they wanna have someone to lean on" "No, it's coz they just wanna show off". That was me asking those questions a few years ago and some of the answers I remember hearing. I have ever since always asked that particular question and the answers I received have not changed much over the years.
LOVE. The big L word. What is LOVE really and how on earth do we know we are in LOVE? Pretty sane question for a Sunday kan? The reason I am writing on LOVE is because well, i am Miss Love after all and it has been quite some time since I went anywhere near this particular topic. The reason? Well, I seem to be questioning all my fairytale believes recently and even I know that writing when I am not sane could very well mean that I am digging my own grave.
I have always been fascinated with LOVE. The whole concept of falling head over heels for someone, doing things you never imagined you would in a million years and of course, rush of emotions that people swear is so worth it. But being fascinated with the joy of LOVE also means being cautious with the pain of it. And that my friend is the reason why most single people choose to remain single for a long long time. I have had friends who worked themselves outta one failing relationship to only fall into another one. This people, in my most humble opinion could not really be blamed. They just wanted to get things right. They wanted to score in areas that they failed. I know that this does not sound too romantic but hey, really. Think of it.
So LOVE after all is not about ROMANCE? Hmmm. Partially. Love to me means being there for someone through it all. Through hell and through heaven. It means giving without expecting anything in return. It means having someone to look after. Love means being selfless.
And that LOVE is not one that you find. It finds for you. If you are not ready to give, then don't gear up to ask. It is a fairly simple policy, really. We are so occupied in asking without knowing that we don't deserve to be granted the magic to love and be loved in returned. So the first step towards finding your respective prince and princesses, stop asking. Start giving. And well, the rest as they say, will happen by itself. Life does not revolve just around you and sure as hell Love doesn't too.


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    1. Which part of it are you impressed with again pu? Haha! Thanks for reading and for the comment! <3

  2. I have read several posts of yours and its not surprising they all come back to one thing-love. Honestly reading your scribbles are nostalgic as well as inspiring, for me at least. I was once a person like you. I was in love with love! Then the best thing happened to me and when it ended, my love towards love ended as well. Or at least paused for a bit. The girl who was once humming n dancing to herself for no apparent reason stopped doing so. Why? Fear maybe?or the pain felt? Id wanna read smtg from you on this :-)

  3. Thank you Miss Anonymous. You placed a the much needed smile on my lips today morning. Yes, I would love to write on that and I am sure I would real soon. Thank you for reading and keep your eyes open for the update k. *hugs*