Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 30- Memories, Love, Maturity!

I'll wait even if it means waiting forever
I'll write even if it means running out of words
I'll never give up even if it means trying again and again
I'll just put on a strong face, shake off the hurt, wipe away the tears, and put a foot forward with confidence.
I believe in this and I'm not giving up. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

That was me a year ago. Who am I today? My heart will tell you better stories of that. If there is one thing that I can tell you about me, I am stubborn. I am very stubborn. Once I believe in something, I will never give up on it. I will never listen to those around me. Hell yeah, I won''t even listen to myself.
Well, it hurts to be so, I learnt that the hard way. A year ago I was a girl who listened to her heart, ignoring to the whispers of her brains. I didn't know what I was doing is an understatement. I knew. I perfectly knew. I just chose to ignore it. I chose to not be wise, to not be sane, to not be matured, to just not think. I live in a fairy tale world after all and in that world, anything is possible right?
Well, kinda. A year later, I still live in a fairy tale world. I still believe in prince charmings and I swear if you ever tried telling me otherwise, you would be scared, deeply!
Anyway, I am not saying that it doesn't hurt. It does. I mean, reading things that you wrote a year ago for someone you thought was special and yet things didn't work out, will always hurt. But the funny thing is, even in that hurt I don't feel the same way anymore. Seriously, can't believe all that I put myself into. Now it is just a memory that I will carry to my graves and I don't regret it. After all, everything happens for a reason right?
So yes, I am 21. I am single. I have never been in a relationship before. I have met Mr. Jerk, Mr. Flirt, Mr. Took-me-for-granted, you name it. I never fell in love sanely, that's for sure. Had a few crushes here and there. Had a few that I really liked. And had one that I thought I really fell for. Oh, how wrong was I!
Guess this is what happens when you believe in LOVE too much kan?
Anyway dear readers, today, on August 30th, I dare say that I am a new me and I am so proud of it! Let's toast to that!

Ps: Dear prince charming, wherever you are, trust me, when you come for me, you got a hell a lot of sweeping me off my feet to do!


  1. hey reva.. read ur blog.. yea its true tat we meet al sorts of ppl who just dt seem to fall at d right place, bt trust me.. its all ab d right time along with d right one :) once ur thr, never let it go! :) hehe.. my best wishes!

    1. Thank you Reshmi cha! You are amazing and you always know how to say the right things! Love you la cha!

  2. chayok raeva...akka will help u to find ur prince charming...(who knws i might fine mine in the process..hehehe )

  3. chayok raeva...akka will help u to find ur prince charming (who knws i might find mine in the process..hehehe )

    1. pupu akka, no problem! u cn have the ones that i reject! after all sharing is caring right?? :P