Thursday, October 27, 2011

With love from Malaysia to Indonesia...:)

This post is written with love for my darling, beautiful, always-getting-on-my-nerves-yet-i-can't-help-but-love sister. From Malaysia to Indonesia. But, first let me tell you a little about her. If I am Miss Romance, then she is Miss Serious. If i'm Miss Random, then she is Miss Go-By-The-Book, If i'm Miss Panic, then she is Miss Cool. So, you get the idea. We are like day and night. The differences are just too obvious. She is just a year older but she never lets me forget that!.
Anyway, the reason why this post is for her is due to the fact that I cooked a full blown lunch meal and as I watched dad and mum eat I felt a tiny nudge in my heart that she is not here to enjoy it with them. Probably she'd criticise my ability in the kitchen, but I dO miss that criticism. So, anyway, Miss Losine, I cooked today and it turned out to be super awesome. I'll let you feast with your eyes k. Pictures especially for you!

Menu: Nasi Briyani
Vegetarian Mutton Spicy Dry Curry
Curd with Red Chilli and Cucumber

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