Sunday, October 30, 2011

IPBA, hello again.

I am about to return to IPBA in a few hours and I'm currently packing my bags. I have the little Ruby and Dino sitting outside my room refusing to come in, with a sad face. Every ten seconds I turn to look at them and I curse the fact that I can't study from home. Yet, I do silently thank God for giving me a college that is merely 30 minutes away from home and one that I can return back to during weekends. If you asked me, I'm ready to return back to IPBA. This year has been a good year for me in IPBA. *touchwood* Too many memories. Well, memories are good right? *sigh*
Anyway, there is less than 3 weeks to go. Less than 20 days for the semester to end. How do I feel? I will never be able to truly pen down how I feel. So, lets leave it at that k. Anyway, to all PISMP TESL Jan 2011 intake, good luck. Countless books to revise and equally countless files to open. 4 papers. We can do it!

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