Thursday, October 6, 2011

TESL night 2011...:)

This post is 2 days late so please forgive me for that. I was not busy, just not in the mood. And now, sitting here comfortably in my room, on my bed, with Ruby sleeping soundly next to me, I'm able to write. I'm going to tell you all about TESL night 2011. From my eyes that is.
I was pacing back and forth, unable to make a decision on whether I should go or skip Tesl nite. In one end, I know I should support my fellow Teslians and my dear juniors and in the other end, not many of my cohort mates were going. But the final decision was made by my dear friend Bagya. She wanted to go and I did not want her to go alone. So, the both of us and ya, I talked my room mate into going..making it the three of us got dressed up and went, not having much expectations. But, we were seriously caught off guard. The juniors did a fantastic job in organising the event and we had so much fun! The night definitely started and ended with a bang! Good job guys! Really proud of u'll.

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