Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall in love.....with yourselves!

The new me! I love myself!
People out there! Listen up! Let's all fall in love! Fall madly in love! With whom you ask? With ourselves! Lets all love ourselves. I have seen so many people around me have all this inhibitions and hesitations that they are not good enough. I don't understand why they have that insecurities. We are all beautiful. We are all good people. So, let go of any nonsense worries and embrace yourselves with a warm hug.
And, let me tell you what I love about myself!

1)I recently changed my hairstyle and I absolutely love it! I love how wild my hair can get. I love how much I have to wrestle with it in the mornings! Funny right? But, it keeps me occupied and I love that.
2)I love my ability to crap when I don't take my morning coffee. I am such a pain at those hours. I laugh too much, I say things without thinking and ya, I act like I'm drunk! Its my special trait and I love that!
3) I love the love I have for animals. I made a life decision to turn into a vegetarian for that! And I'm super proud of myself. 4 months and still counting! :)
4) I love the fact that I can stay up so late, sleep a little, wake up early and be so awake!
5) I love it that I am called motherly! Haha. Din see that coming right? It's nice to be known as a mother. I hope I'll make a good one one day! (Minimum 4 kids!)

Wokay, I would love to continue the list but I really have to get going. Anyway, as I said earlier, lets all fall in love with ourselves! Do tell me what do you love about yourselves!

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