Thursday, October 13, 2011

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven, and bring you home again.”

Dear uncle,
I am sitting here with all this tears and I know I should not. Tears prevent souls from uniting with GOD. But, how not to cry when reality hits and I know I will not see your familiar face in my house on Sunday's to come? You were a good man and for that I will never ever forgive the person that robbed you of your life here on earth. My whole world shifted when I heard the news. Memories with you keep on flooding my thoughts when I least expect it to. They said it's better for you to have slipped away peacefully then wake up to a life of horror. But, I wish you woke up. I wish you did not let go. I know though that you put up a hell of a fight. I know that you are not hurting now and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that my last memory of you is that smiling face sitting there in my hall chatting away loudly with my dad. I did not know then that it will be the last time I ever see you. You always told me that the tea I made is perfect though I knew it was too sweet. When you asked me why I turned into a vegetarian and I said I love animals too much, you just smiled and did not say a thing. You did not tell me what I was doing is crazy like what the rest of them did. You were always so understanding weren't you? I can't accept the fact that you are gone forever. I never once expected the day will come when I won't see you anymore. You were a good man. A very good man. I'm so sorry if I was not a better niece. I am so sorry for the times I did not follow the rest of my family as they visited you at home. I'm so sorry. Somehow even without me saying it, I know you know all this. I know you are happy up there. I will miss you. I will miss you so so much.

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