Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Adrian!

Adrian, me and Dino

Happy birthday Adrian! You are an amazing person and I applaud you for that! Since I can't be there with you for your birthday, here is a little something from me. The top 5 reasons why you are special.

1) You know the proverb, "a friend in need is a friend indeed"? That proverb was made for you! I will never ever forget how you came that midnight upon hearing me cry on the phone. You are a true friend indeed.

2) You are crazy! CRAZY! You do things you like. You do things you want. In a way you follow your heart ( I know you won't admit it) But you do!

3) You are more than a friend. Like a family member indeed!

4) You always think of other people. You are not selfish. I am on my way to try being like that.

5) And lastly, you are special because you are you! No drama's. No falseness. Just yourself.

Happy birthday Adrian! You deserve the best because you are amazinG!

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