Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doble park= A big no no!

If you know me, then you know that the one thing that seriously gets on my nerves is when people don't follow instructions, rules and regulations. Alright, I can hear you now. Yes, I am also the person who says rules are meant to be broken. Okay, am I starting to confuse you? Let me explain.
The rules and regulations that I meant in my very first sentence is the rules that conform the society-to an extent that is. I'll give you a very simple example. To all drivers, road users, license holders-whatever you call yourselves, don't you know that you can't double park and leave your car there? I mean, how on earth did you get your drivers license if you can't even set such simple rules of where to park in your cpu? Seriously.
Last Saturday, my uncle had his baby shower at a restaurant that is situated in the heart of Klang town-or otherwise known as Little India. And, since Deepavali is around the corner, obviously the road was too packed and i was seriously blessed to have found a parking space. I parked, told GOD to watch over my car (as silly as it sounds, i always do so)and went to look at my beautiful nephwew. After the gathering, I happily returned to find some idiot (pardon me for my choice of words) double parked his BMW right at the back of my car, making it impossible for me to reverse mine out. Being who I am, I started honking. Seriously, nothig irritates me more than someone who doesn't follow rules on the road. I honked and honked and honked. And yet, no one came. I was so so so angry that I could have burst. Yes, I know I should stay calm coz people make mistakes. But then again, how do you stay clam when you find yourself honking for over 30 minutes, causing sound pollution to those around and the idiot was actually just eating at the restaurant nearby. Seriously. He knew he was at fault, and he did not bother to move his damn BMW. All he did was give me this "ur a girl, so i aint bothered look". I should have crashed into his BMW! Then he knows!
Fuh. So done is done. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I am a road user too. And a full license holder. If I can park sensibly, drive carefully and follow regulations, why can't you? So people, the next time you double park, at least be around when the person wants to reverse, or simply leave your phone number! But then again, why can't you just not double park? A issue to ponder!

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