Friday, October 28, 2011

Roadtrip= Awesome!

Omygoodness. Omygoodness. Wokay. That's me jumping around happily. I'm in a very excited mood. You see, I just came back from an all around unplanned/random/last minute road trip to the countryside! How can I not be excited right? Well, you know me.
So, my morning started off in a very tensed way. I had to run around from one building to another submitting forms and you know how public services can be. I ended up cursing the public healthcare of our country due to the fact that they make the public suffer! (I'll write on that one day, I promise). Anyway, by 12 pm I was exhausted, perspiring from head to toe and all I wanted to do was get some rest. Well, its hard when you slept at 3 and woke up at 7.30 in the morning. My body just shut on me. And that's when the phone call came. Dad's friend called and said that they were planning to go to Sepang. Reason? Just to visit some relatives and just to relax. They invited us along. I took a look at dad and told him I just can't. I can't take another step. I'd probably faint. So, the decision was made that I'd stay home with Ruby and Dino and both mum and dad were to go with them.
Nevertheless, all changed when my cousin sis( well, when a family friend treats u better than a relative ever can, they are blood to me) arrived. She told me that she was driving and that it would be fun to have the day off. You know. A change of scenario. I thought, "Hell, Why not?", grabbed my camera and off I went. How beautifully perfect the day turned out to be!
Highlights of the road trip:
-Separating the youngsters from the erm..not so young ones...:)
-Missing the very first turning to Banting resulting in both dad's panicking over us
-Stopping in every petrol station to hunt for a washroom
-Discovering that there are petrol stations that are too outdated! They don't even sell chocolates and chewing gums!
-Cursing the fact that the road was too bumpy for a brand new car
-Mooing whenever we saw a cow
-Too loud music and heck no one to complain
-Choki-choki destress time
-Discussion on what makes the tamil cinema click
-Hunting for an extremely old friend's house
-A shop with all pink mugs! Oh yes. I loved it!
-Debating on arranged marriages versus love marriages
-Walking all by myself in an abandoned road, snapping pictures and finding an extremely adorable dog there
-Rushing to the beach only to have it rain
-Snapping silly pictures by the beach side
-Sleeping with my contact lens still intact and then waking up and freaking out
-Finally being able to satisfy my crave for a bar of cadbury chocolate
and much more memories. Thank you GOD for letting me have the joy of being a child in a new environment.

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