Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping the hopes lighted...:)

I spend last night twisting, turning and trying very hard to fall asleep and yet I failed. So, I got fed up with trying that I got off my bed at 5.40, mixed myself a hot cup of coffee and let my mind drift off to where it wanted to go. I thought of how happy things used to be, then I thought of how happy I am now, and the pain subsided a teeny weeny bit. But there is this thing in me that bites wen I least expect it to. I mean, Ive got to ask this. Is material possession really way better than values? What if you had a person with you, but the person is not whom you have known for your entire life? How if time, circumstances and events really take away someone you have loved and replace it with someone you barely know? I know I am not making much sense here, but I have always found myself questioning the universe and how it works. So, I am asking. Is it wrong to want back what I had? But then again, do I really want back what I had? That is one answer I will never know. Maybe life was meant to be hard in order to be happy. Life has such a funny way of reminding me where I stand and where I should go. Don't I just hate life for that!

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