Saturday, January 14, 2012

My very first blood test!

I had a blood test done today. Yes, for the very first time in my life, I had my blood drawn out and yes, I screamed. Fine, I even cried. But, what do you expect me to do? It hurt! I am not joking! Honestly! My family doctor, who knows me since I was nine was really gentle and he told me to trust him. Oh boy, i trusted him but still it hurt like hell! It was really difficult for him to locate my veins and even after he did, and the syringe went through, there was very little blood drawn out. So, I got about half of what a normal test would show. I am not anxious in waiting for the results. I mean, I don't really care. I don't think I'm sick since I don't feel sick. But ya, I know that anything is possible and all.
I have been walking around the house with a swollen right hands and I can't bend my hands. My sister said that i was overreacting and that no one ever died with having taken a blood test. But ya, what does she know? She was not the one who faints when she sees blood. And she certainly was not the one with a hidden vein!
Anyway, the reason I got a blood test done was because I want to look after myself. I want to make sure I am healthy. I mean, I have been neglecting my health and responsibility comes with age. I am turning 21 soon and I should be taking good care of myself.
Hence, to those that have never taken a blood test, please do so soon. You never know when what might happen. So, take good care of yourself. You deserve it.

Ps: Just a heads up warning, it will hurt! Don't let anyone fool you by saying it won't!

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