Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flowers and all that...:)

I walked past a florist recently. It was a beautiful shop, with amazing lighting, really pretty vases and just all the types of colourful flowers in the world! Okay, if you are wondering how i know...well, I stopped and stared! What am I suppose to do? It's flowers! I love flowers!
Anyway, my point is, how come as much as we love flowers we always end up sending them to people but not to ourselves? Before you start giving me that look, let me explain. I am always going on and on on how you should love yourselves and how much you should always admire who you are despite what people tell you and all. So, I thought of it and it did make sense. How bout go into a florist and get a bouquet of flowers and have it delivered to you? Maybe write a card too. And when the flowers arrive, won't you feel so happy? That smile on your lips or that little twinkle in your eyes..why would you want to depend on someone else to put it there? Do it yourself!
And that being said, I want to do it too. But I told my mum and she said that I was mad. She said that if I wanted flowers, I should go get the flowers. What's the point of going through the hassle of having them delivered and so on? But she did not understand that it was not just the flowers that I wanted. I wanted the thrill of having flowers delivered to me as the rest watched. I wanted the element of surprise. I wanted to feel special.
Anyway, everyone likes receiving flowers. Especially girls! So why don't you go pick up some flowers and have them delivered to someone special today? And people, in case you are most favourite flowers are sunflowers! But anything would do! :P

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