Sunday, January 22, 2012

Worrying and wondering.

Today marks the first day of my Chinese New Year break and things are getting on to a slow start. I have made a huge promise to myself that I would concentrate on my assignments and not let them pile up. As such, I have started on them, with help from a few people that is. Nevertheless, at the very start of this sem, I have had this constant fear in me that I would somehow not do well in my education this year and that scares me. I mean, I will never ever compromise with anyone or anything when it comes to my studies. But still, I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a tall mountain with nothing to support me and that I would just tumble and fall when I least expect myself to. I know that I have not been the most wisest when it came to choices pertaining my education but I wish to change that. Maybe having this worry in me that I won't do well would push me to do better. I don't know. I guess time answers all sorts of weird questions one might have. I just don't know.

Ps: I had this super cute yet super wrong dream! Should I be happy? :)

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