Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 folks! :)

You have got to trust me when I say that I wanted a good post to kick start my 2012. I wanted to write all about how wonderful I thought 2012 would be like or about my never ending resolutions. But then, I lost the whole new year spirit I had in me and here I am now writing nothing in particular.
My mum and sister left me to be in dreamland and they went shopping and so ya, I'm nursing a wound in my heart as I type this out. I mean, no one leaves me and goes shopping! That's a big no no! So, I spent a few hours in Facebook, chatting with old friends and then since I had nothing much to do (as usual), I decided to write. Speaking about writing, have you had so much in your heart and mind that you so badly wanted to let out but just couldn't?
I have had that feel in me for the past week and since not everything can be written in blogs, I decided to start writing a diary. I thought of letters, but then again, 2011 had me writing countless letters that never got posted, so I am not taking that path for now. The last I wrote a diary was back in 2007 and years has passed ever since. But, I know that I need to let this thing in me out. So, 2012 would be the year I start writing diaries.
And ya, speaking of 2012, I am not planning to list down my new year resolutions. Why? Well, the way I see it, there is no point in writing down resolutions to accomplish within 365 days. Every day should be a good day and every day should make us a better individual. And with that in mind, I wish you have a wonderful year ahead. Happy 2012 folks!

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