Friday, January 13, 2012

Meeting Mr Right.

This one is for my girls who are hurting. You deserve to meet Mr.Right!

People know me as the romantic girl who knows her facts when it comes to love, is driven by her heart, the one that goes "aaaawww" every time someone starts narrating their love story and the one that would instantly be there for you when it comes to love. How did I go from being a girl that wanted her life to go on in par with her age, to the one that still believed in prince charming's at 20?
If I can sum up all that I have learnt about love is that true love is out there somewhere and sometimes we are just too afraid to fall. We are too afraid to let someone else in our lives due to past rejection, due to a bitter break up. Basically we are afraid to fall in love because we are afraid of losing love. But let me ask you this, if happily ever after is what you seek, then shouldn't there be bumps and roadblocks along the way? Cindrella had her life changed by a shoe, Rapunzel by her hair, and Snow White by an apple. So, isn't that how we find love then? We just go about our lives, doing the very thing that makes us,us..and boom! It happens. Is that how we find love?
Love is an essence of who we are. I believe in love because I believe that love is the only emotion that takes us to heights we can never imagine being in. It is the only thing in the world that makes us do things we would never imagine doing. I believe in love because if there was no love in the world, there won't be anything else. I believe in love because I have been hurt and I have been rejected and I deserve to be happy. I deserve to have a love story too.
Love is an emotion. Love is a way of life. But how do you know who you should love? How do you remember that it's okay to want to fall for someone despite the huge wound you have nursed? How do you know how it feels to love again if you have loved and lost?
Sometimes, you have to just close your eyes, wipe away the tears, shake away the regrets, push away the hope and start over. Just remember that you have to kiss so many frogs before meeting Mr.Right. One day someone so perfect will walk into your life and you will look at him and know why it never ever worked out with anyone else. And when that happens, nothing in the world can compare to how beautiful you would feel at that moment. Don't give up hope! Mr. Right is somewhere out there! :)


  1. Doctor love im speechless!!!!....hahahah...totally agree with u dear ^_^

  2. Well, thank you miss anonymous! Remember to not give up hope in finding your Mr. Right! :)