Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The 5th day of 2012...:)

First of all, allow me to rectify what I said in my last post. I said that I won't be listing down any of my new year resolutions and I'm here to do just about that. It hit me today, on the 5th day of this new year that I do have a resolution after all.
I want to take good care of myself this year. 2011 had me taking myself for grated. Enough of wanting to change the whole world, enough of caring about other people and enough of not concentrating on myself. I have this thing in me that more often than not, I tend to look out for people, tend to want to be there for people and tend to want to be someone you can lean on. Well, I still want to do all that. But, I want to take good care of myself in this year. I want to do things that don't hurt me. I want to be healthy, and to be happy. If I know that I am deliberately hurting myself due to certain consumption of products or certain habits, I want to stop doing that. I want to watch out for myself. After this, it is me I care about. I care about my health, emotional well-being, my future and my life. Sometimes, it is good to care about the future. It is true that I'm a firm believer in living life a day at once. But, in doing so, I now want to be productive enough so that the future me would love the current me.
So, here it goes, my list of resolutions.
1) Take my meals at the proper hours. No more skipping meals.
2) Cut down on coffee.
3) Do not eat any food that might be harmful in the long run. That includes instant food such as maggie mee.
4) Take a walk for an hour each day that I'm at campus.
5) Do not stay awake after 12. (This one is very tough indeed as I am after all a night person)
6) Set only one alarm and wake up with it. (To those wondering, yes, I used to have at least 3 different timings for my alarm to ring set apart by 10 minutes)
7) Sit at the front or second row for every lecture and do not under any circumstances fall asleep.
8)Drink a lot of water.
9) Start writing at least one sentence the moment I receive any assignment.
And I'm sure the list would be added on in the long run. For now, I am happy that the world has not ended yet and I have a chance to be a more healthier and happier me.
Anyway, I am the kinda person that does what her heart desires and this is what my heart says I should do. So, here I am, living up to what I want. :)

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