Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am a proud emotivist! :)

I had an interesting moral lesson today. Well, just the last few minutes. But the thing is, it was fun because it was on our personalities. The lecturer gave us 4 colours to imagine and visualise about and then he told us to choose one that we felt drawn to. The choices were Gold, Blue, Green and Orange. I closed my eyes and I could see a field of paddy and just the sunset and a huge row of sunflowers (my most favourite flower is sunflower btw). So, I went with Orange. He then proceeded to let us know the characteristics of people based on their colour choice. He said that the ones who chose Orange, which happened to be only 5 of us out of a class of 40 students, were happy-go-lucky people. They are not emotional, not ruled by their heart and they know right from wrong. I turned to my 2 close friends and laughed out. We all know that is so not me. I am the one who is ruled by her heart, who gets scared so easily, who tears at sad scene, who rambles when she is stressed and I am the one who is an emotivist! Well, he described all those to the ones who chose Blue. Anyway, I guess what I am saying is it is seriously fun to know how personality tests differ from who you really are. The way I see it, there is no point in taking up such tests because you know yourself better. So, who cares about what some random fellow says?

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