Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When the single life gets on your nerves...

It is finally February and we all know what that means. It means that soon enough there would be all sorts of lovey dovey status updates in FB, the florist would be overpricing their roses, gift shops would be filled with excited teens, and somewhere in another world, single people would be upset and jealous watching their friends having fun. Ooookay. Not that I'm saying all single people are like that. I'm merely expressing my opinions from a stand point in which I mingle with too many taken girls each day and trust me at times I have those jealous thoughts as well. So, I thought about it and ya, despite what a single girl might say, the whole "oh its ok. I'm so happy being with myself, I have no time for guys" and all...well, truth is that life being single is not at all fun. It gets very lonely indeed. Especially at times in which you need someone to make you laugh and there is no one. I do know that a few girls would be fuming with anger by now with that statement. But ladies, don't you think it's true? Frankly speaking, being single is lonely. You do not have anyone to run to when the going gets tough. True, some of us are blessed with friends who are always there for us. But, have you experienced situations that even your very own best friend couldn't understand you, let alone be there for you. True enough, it happens.
Okay. If that argument is not for you. How about this one. Those days that you want nothing but to be pampered. And you have no one to do that for you. I mean it is not really my say, but then again, is there a girl that doesn't like to be pampered or be noticed by the opposite sex? I believe the answer is no.
And there is this one benefit that girls with boyfriends have, and that is the little happiness and skip in their hearts. The way the heart yearns and misses for their significant someone. Now, that is one that I think is the most beautiful aspect of a relationship. The times that you miss them. Like for example, you are doing something and a song comes on and it reminds you of that person. That someone that you love. How can that not be something worth being jealous of?
Well, when the heart is jealous, it says a lot of things. Maybe I am jealous after all. Maybe I am starting to believe that there is no prince charmings out there and the "someone" for me won't magically walk into my life and I have to indeed go out and hunt for him.
Well, whatever I may say, I would admit that being single has taught me one thing and that is, life is going to be the same with or without someone by your side. If you don't love your life and you are not happy in it, you won't be happy with someone else in it! So, if you are wondering what I'm up to for this Valentines Day, well...I am going to go out and pamper myself. I'm going to love myself first and treat myself the way any girl should be treated. Anyone wanna join me?

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