Friday, February 3, 2012

Be sick and look around....

Those that know me know that I do not like to be sick. I hate swallowing medicines and I definitely can't stand the smell of hospitals. But there is this one thing that being sick teaches you, and that is who really cares about you. Well, it is not that I am sick for me to type out this post. But someone triggered something in me, that I feel like typing this out. I have been through hospitals in this last two years, and even if I was not the patient, hospitals make me feel so uncomfortable. But then again, those same hospitals taught me what care is. You see, it is pretty simple. I am saying that no matter who you are, what your story is, when you are sick, or on your death bed, you have to turn around and see who is there for you. You have to do this. Those faces that you see around you are the ones that truly care and love you. You may be the most wealthiest man in the world, but if you are sick and there is no one to hold your hands, it is not worth any of your wealth. Money and love are just two things that will never blend. Of course I am seeing it from the view point of health. But its just that, being sick teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you who to trust, who not to, who to cry to, who not to, whose hands you can hold, whose you can't...It really teaches you a lot.

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